Monday, March 4, 2013

ADT Pulse is a wireless home security service that comes in 3 different monthly plans, ranging from $47.99 to $57.99. Customers must also pay an installation fee upfront, the exact amount depending on the number and type of components they wish to include in their wireless security system. Please keep reading to learn what else you will have to pay for when subscribing to an ADT Pulse system.

It's a surprise that ADT is still dealing this way with customers, charging them hefty fees when competitor companies like FrontPoint Security on the other hand are offering the total opposite, free installation and much better wireless protection. Companies like FrontPoint also provide customers a 30 day money back guarantee. People who have used their systems have had absolutely stunning things to say about them and the internet is crowded with positive after positive review. In fact, anything below a 5-star review is actually quite hard to come by, even on tough review sites like Yelp!

Let's get into more detail and see how do these two companies, ADT Pulse and FrontPoint, stack up against each other when it comes to pricing transparency. We know ADT Pulse's monthly plans but are there any other costs? Are they stated up front or are they hidden? Let’s have a look and see.

How much does home security equipment really cost? At the ADT website things aren’t so simple. In fact there doesn’t seem to be a separate price list anywhere visible that lists the available security equipment for the ADT Pulse packages along with the individual prices of each piece of equipment. This means that if you want to add extras, like another door or window sensor and an extra video camera or two, you will have no idea how much this is going to cost you. You are pretty well forced to either talk to an ADT representative or invite one into your home to get this kind of detailed information.

Monitoring fees and Installation fees

ADT has a number of different home security packages but only the ADT Pulse packages are wireless and offer the homeowner remote control ability, as well as the expected option of 24/7 professional monitoring. What’s really odd is the fact that each of the ADT Pulse packages available has an installation charge attached. These installation fees range from $399 - $999. Since the Pulse packages feature wireless technologies one really has to wonder what these very pricey installation fees are all about. If there is no hard wiring involved then what exactly would a consumer be paying for?

Now, to be fair, ADT Pulse does have some discounts available on some of their package installation charges but even these discounts are shrouded in mystery. Exactly how they work and who gets them isn’t really clear. Some of the discounts are connected to how long you’ve owned your home but it’s all a bit vague. It seems you really have to have one of their experts into your home to get the information straight on what you qualify for and how much you will actually have discounted off of your installation charges.

FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint offers three slightly different monitoring packages which are all priced slightly lower than those of the ADT Pulse program. The monitoring plan you choose from FrontPoint will be determined by the equipment components you select for your home security system. There are three packages, so it’s pretty simple to understand. They all include remote control features for the homeowner as well as the option of 24/7 professional monitoring.

FrontPoint offers wireless do-it-yourself (DIY) security systems so, as you would expect, there are no installation charges. This is where the big savings at FrontPoint come in. It’s a new day and there is no longer a need to hard wire home surveillance equipment any more unless, of course, that’s your personal preference.

FrontPoint Security has their customer support on stand-by to walk you through the installation process if necessary, but the truth is most people have no need for help of any kind. The sensors are all peel and stick and should you choose to include video cameras in your system, you can choose the kind that simply sit on a shelf or counter top. You won’t even need to pick up a drill.


ADT does have something they call a Premium Mover’s Package but what exactly is included in this package is yet another mystery. When you visit the website and click on this option for more information a PDF opens up that features a picture of a pretty basic Certificate of Guarantee which states:
  • If you have been in your home for at least 2 years after becoming an ADT customer they will provide you with a Premium Mover’s Package. If you have to move before 2 years rolls around then it appears that you are just plumb out of luck!
  • What’s in this package is a mystery but you are assured that it includes a free Security System for your new home and you will also be eligible to receive a 10% discount on upgrades. You could easily need these upgrades as the free Security System in the Mover’s Package is not readily described!
  • Value of the Security System and upgrade discounts cannot exceed $749. What does this mean? Since the security system is free this must be referring to the 10% upgrade discount so, just think about how much you would have to spend in upgrading to get the 10% discount to add up to $749. Well, let’s do the math and see; you would have to spend a whopping $7,500 to exceed the so called $749 savings that is allowed! 
  • Sometimes ADT has a special and offers a 25% discount on upgrades instead of the usual 10%, so let’s look at what that really means. In this scenario you would have to spend $2,996 on upgrades to the (free?) security system to realize a so called savings of $749.


Now what do you need to do if you own a FrontPoint security system and it’s time to move?
  • Remove sensors from around your house
  • Remove video cameras if they are part of your system
  • Unplug the control panel
  • Pack everything in a box and you are good to go
  • Set the sensors up in your new home, position the cameras and plug in the control panel
  • Give FrontPoint a call when you have moved into your new home and they will reactivate the system

No reactivation fee will be charged

When it comes to moving and your home security needs FrontPoint wins hands down. There are no dubious upgrade offers to figure out. You simply take the system, which you already own, with you and that’s it!

Some Final Thoughts

When you compare the wireless ADT Pulse systems to the FrontPoint's wireless home security systems it becomes quickly apparent that FrontPoint has a much more transparent pricing system. ADT Pulse seems to be charging for installation, a quite hefty charge in some instances, when there appears to be no expensive work that actually needs to done to get the system installed. There are simply no hidden fees whatsoever with FrontPoint Security. There are no installation fees, no activation fees and there is even free shipping included on every home security system that is purchased. Pricing at FrontPoint Security is simple, totally upfront and completely transparent.

Contact FrontPoint Today

Give them a call at (866).363.2035 or obtain a free instant quote online.


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